Double chin removal

What is double chin?

Double chin is excess fat below the chin and neck region. This fat makes a person appear more aged than he or she is. Sometimes the skin also gets loose along with fat deposition.

How is it removed?

There are different ways of removing double chin. Surgically one may use liposuction or neck and chin lift procedures. Non surgical procedures include injections that dissolve fat, Cool sculpt and HIFU.

Surgical procedures give greatest accuracy in removal of the fat and tightening of the skin. Results can be seen faster and more reliable than non surgical methods.

Liposuction involves removal of fat only. Best results are seen in young patients with minimal loose skin. A lift procedure is reserved for patients with loose skin.

Fat dissolve injections (phosphatidyl choline deoxycholate) are injected into the required area and they act in coming few weeks to remove the fat. Injections are slightly painful and need painkillers during this time. A combination of PC/DC acts better than any of them alone.

Coolsculpt and HIFU use cold temperatures and ultrasound waves respectively to selectively kill fat cells and remove double chin. Multiple sessions may be needed to get the desired results. However, these are not recommended for patients with loose skin.

Our team of plastic surgeons can help you decide which procedure to choose from..

A word on double chin removal exercise….

Like any other body part this fat can also be reduced with exercises. As one reduces weight fat gets reduced from all the areas in the body including chin fat. However, this is stubborn fat and among last to go.

Also, with increasing age and excess fat skin may get loose. In such conditions exercise alone will not help. Some form of surgical procedure is needed in such patients.

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