Burn prevention & Scar management

Cracker Burn Injury Before and After repair

India is the burn capital of the world. We have 60 to 70 lakh people getting burned every year. Around 10% of these injuries need hospital care. Approximately 50% of those hospitalized die of their injuries. Nearly 1.5 lakh patients get deformed and need long treatment for getting back to work. A ray of hope is that 90% of burn injuries are preventable.

There is a shortage of burn surgeons and centres in the country. Even good private hospitals tend to refuse burn treatments. Many affordable patients are not able to get proper care as majority good private hospitals refuse burn patients. We are providing affordable burn to patients in Delhi NCR for all categories of patients rich and poor alike.

What is a burn clinic?

A burn clinic is a centre capable to handle both acute and chronic burns.

Burn centre consists of a team of plastic surgeons, ICU staff and other specialist doctors when required. Treatment of acute burns requires hardworking efforts by the whole team, good ICU care and timely actions. Chronic burns with wounds or deformities are dealt with expert care and a good follow up.

Why a Burn clinic? (Are we available for burn treatment in Delhi NCR)

Each burn should receive an expert consultation at a burn clinic. Even small burns worsen due to improper home treatment or by those who are not trained enough.

Burns more than 20% body surface area in adults and 10% in children require admission, as do special cases such as face, hands, genital burns.

Certain fresh burns benefit greatly with surgery such removal of burn skin and application of fresh skin by grafting. This technique helps in faster recovery of the patient. At Essence we are providing latest tangential excision and skin grafting to our patients. We are providing burn treatment in Delhi NCR for all types of burns and for all types of patients.

The need to go to a burn centre is for people with prolonged wounds and complications of burn. It is with skilled guidance only, they can be treated properly.

What is evaluated during consultation?

A thorough assessment of depth and amount of burn, patient condition and other diseases. Accordingly a treatment plan is explained. The same recipe will not work for everyone. Treatment varies from person to person.

In chronic burns, the degree of deformity decides treatment. Patients choose from surgical and non-Surgical methods. Management plan with optimum result is discussed applied.

How long does it take to recover? (Are support services available for burn treatment in Delhi NCR?)

Recovery in burns is slow yet steady. Given good care and timely actions burn patients tend to regain normal activity over a few weeks in most of the cases. However, this requires regular follow up, good physiotherapy, splints, pressure garments etc. After discharge from hospital visits are especially important to ensure complete recovery for both acute and chronic burns.

We at Essence have plastic surgeons (Dr Deepak Rathore, Dr Vaishali Srivastava) trained at the prestigious Safdarjung Hospital in burn treatments. Safdarjung hospital is the largest Burn centre in Asia.

Dr Pankaj Mehta is trained in Burns from the Prestigious Government Medical College Nagpur and Indraprastha Apollo hospitals Delhi.

We have tie ups with different ancillary service providers for different support services for burn treatment in Delhi NCR.

A 3 year old child with severe hand deformity after burns. Patient fully healed 4 weeks after surgery.

Prevention of Cracker Burns
and First Ai

  • 300 cases on Diwali night in Delhi Ncr.
  • Kids are affected most.
  • Eyes and hands most frequently injured.
  • leads to Long term deformity.
  • Economic losses are massive

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