What is facelift surgery?

Facelift surgery is most closely associated with plastic surgeons in eyes of general public. This procedure uplifts drooping face tissue to give a more crisper and younger version of the patient.

How is facelift done?

There are many methods of doing procedure. However central to the procedure is that face tissue is pulled in upward direction surgically. This leads to a more younger looking face than before.

Will I be awake during procedure?

Facelift is done usually done in general anesthesia. Patient is completely asleep during the sleep. Mini-facelift procedures can be done with sedation in some cases.

What is downtime for the procedure?

Stiches are removed after 5 days. Mild swelling is expected for a few days after the surgery. Patient is usually discharged the same day of facelift procedure or next day at most.

Any major complications associated with facelift?

Bleeding, flap problems and Facial nerve injury are rarely seen with the procedure. These are minimised with good and careful surgical techniques. For a better understanding of complication contact your plastic surgeon here.

What about smoking ?

Smoking is not recommended when facelift procedures are planned. It is imperative not to smoke before or after the procedure to minimise complications.

How much the facelift will cost?

The cost varies according to the type of procedure and the type of hospital chosen for the procedure. There is wide variability in the price of procedure. For consultation click here.

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