Ear reconstruction

What is Microtia?

Microtia is simply a small external ear present since birth, it may be on one side or both. Not all parts of a normal ear are present, and a rudimentary pinna is there only.
Microtia is a developmental anomaly and may be associated with hemifacial microsomia. Half of the face is smaller compared to other side. Complete absence of ear is known as anotia. Meet Best Ear reconstruction surgeon in Delhi NCR at Essence.

What is Ear reconstruction, how is it done?

Patients of microtia/anotia or those who have suffered ear trauma require ear reconstruction.
This a staged procedure , usually done after 6 years of age,once the opposite ear has nearly gained it’s full size.
Rib cartilage is harvested from the chest to construct ear framework. The framework is placed in this skin pocket and suction applied to create proper ear contour.

The chest is closed , and there are no long term sequelae of this cartilage harvest except a fine line scar. The ear lobule may be reconstructed at this stage or at a later stage depending on native tissue.

In the second stage the ear is lifted up and separated from the scalp, so the patient has a proper 3-D ear.This is also done under general anaesthesia.

More stages may be required to create specific landmarks such as tragus, or the ear lobule if not already reconstructed. These are usually minor procedures. To find out how many stages your child will require contact your plastic surgeon.

What is the Downtime ?

Surgery is done in general anesthesia. Patients is fully asleep during the procedure. suction drain is removed after 7-10 days. Patient is ready to join back school/work in two weeks time.

What about Ear implants?

In children with microtia the best result is by ear reconstruction with rib cartilage as described, it gives good aesthetic and long term result.
Ear implants are advised to older patients with ossified/ hard cartilages. Hard cartilage cannot be moulded into desired ear contour or in those where framework reconstruction is not feasible. To find out if you are a candidate for ear implants contact Best Ear reconstruction surgeon in Delhi NCR here.

Is ear reconstruction possible in burn patients?

In burn patients though challenging ear reconstruction is possible. The major issue in such patients is lack of adequate skin cover. Skin is usually scarred and contracted. This requires an additional flap from the scalp followed by skin grafting to achieve a proper cover for the cartilage and ear contour.
Multiple options are available for burn patients now , contact Best Ear reconstruction surgeon in Delhi NCR at Essence to know what’s best for you.

What is otoplasty?

Besides an anomalous ear, there are several aesthetic problems an ear can have. Bat ears or prominent ears are a concern for some, lop ears with drooping helix are a concern for some others.
There can be lobule related issues such a split ear due to heavy earrings, or traumatic loss of lobule, or some desire lobule enhancement.
Procedure for correction of these problems is termed otoplasty. Consult your plastic surgeon to assess you for otoplasty.

* Disclaimer: The above information is for patient education not a replacement for professional advice. It is just a supplement for patient information. please consult your plastic surgeon for a detailed examination and medical advice regarding the procedure.