Melanocyte transfer for Vitiligo patches

What is melanocyte transfer?

Melanocyte transfer is a process of treating vitiligo patches. Vitiligo patches lack melanocytes that produce brown pigment and give color to the skin. This process harvests melanocytes from other body sites and transfers to Vitiligo affected area.

How much time does it take to treat vitiligo patches?

Depending on the area to be treated the procedure takes around 1-2 hours. Dressing is done for the operated site. Dressing is removed after 1 week. Melanocytes start producing pigments. Results can be seen in 3-4 weeks.

Fingers, hands and face can be difficult to treat, hence may need multiple sittings. Vitiligo patches should be stable for at least 2 years before planning this procedure.

What are the advantages of Melanocyte tranfer for vitiligo patches?

Melanocyte transfer gives very good cosmetic results. Color match is excellent. Texture is very good. For more info get in touch with your plastic surgeon.

What is the success rate with this procedure?

We Expect 60-70% improvement with this procedure in one sitting. Remaining areas can be done in the second sitting. For larger areas Melanocyte culture can be done. Culture has a success rate of 50-60%. However, smaller areas may get 100% coverage in the single sitting.

What is the cost of the procedure?

Procedure cost varies from 30k to 2.0 lakhs depending upon the area to be treated. For a definite estimate you will have to visit for examination. After examination our team will give you a final estimate. For appointments call us on 9711707831.

Get in touch with our team at 9711707831 for appointment.