Plastic Surgery procedure cost

Below is a list of plastic surgery procedures cost. These packages are inclusive of admission filing charges, implant handling charges, OT charges, surgeon fees, Anesthetist fees, Special instrument charges, 2 visits by the plastic surgeon bedside. Consumables in General anesthesia/spinal and local cases are charged extra. Discharge Medications are not included in the packages. After 2 Visits extra visits are chargeable. There are no hidden costs or charges. We abide by these plastic surgery cost all the time. Prices are applicable at our selected centres in Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida.

Implant costs/ Vaser machine costs are extra wherever applicable. Same can be asked and clarified at the time of booking of procedure. Any changes in pricing structure will be conveyed to you in advance.

50% of package cost is to be submitted at the time of booking of the procedure. Rest 50% is deposited at the time of admission. Implants are ordered before hand and are to be paid separately before booking the OT. Implant Cost is Non-Refundable. 10% of deposited amount is non refudable in case you change your mind.

We Accept all major credit and debit cards. Emi Facility is available for clients though it attracts 4% extra charges from the client on total bill. Cosmetic procedures attract 18% GST extra.

List will be available soon. Contact 9711707831 for estimates.

Estimates will be given after consultations only.