Tattoo and Mole Removal

Can a tattoo be removed entirely?

Yes, it is possible to remove tattoo entirely. However it depends upon the type of tattoo ( professional or amateur), mono colour or multicolour, size of the tattoo and its location.

Is it always done with lasers?

Lasers provide excellent results with tattoo removal. Lasers can remove most of the tattoos over a period of time but will require multiple sittings and some residue may be left behind in very few cases. Such type of tattoos can be removed surgically if needed.

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How much does it cost for tattoo removal?

At Essence we provide high-tech and latest laser solutions for tattoo removal. The cost varies according to the type of tattoo and the type of procedure done for its removal. To know more click here…

We also remove Moles and other skin lesions with LASERS.

* Disclaimer: The above information is for patient education not a replacement for professional advice. It is just a supplement for patient information. please consult your plastic surgeon for a detailed examination

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