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How does an ideal eyebrow look? Why brow lift is needed?

To begin with, an ideal eyebrow ‘s parameters change over a period of time and vary during different eras. Painters during the RENAISSANCE era painted their subjects with normal eyebrows and hollow upper sulcus. However modern day aesthetics have eyebrows that are high and arched hence brow lift is demanded very frequently by patients.

An ideal eyebrow peaks at the junction of medial two thirds and lateral one third (more in women as compared to men). Also, the lateral end is higher than the medial end.

What are the Changes that occur in eyebrow with age?

Furrows, transverse lines form on forehead and nose due to repeated action of underlying muscles. Forehead and eyebrow become lax and droop with age. This gives a sad and tired look to the face. A forehead lift changes that sad tired look to a more aesthetically pleasing youthful look.

What is a Brow Lift procedure?

Brow lift or forehead rejuvenation involves multitude of therapies involving the standard surgical endoscopic brow lift to non surgical options. Forehead rejuvenation aims at giving you a youthful look with the help of above procedures.

Surgical brow lift gives an effective and good long term result. It is a day care procedure and the patient can go home the same day. Many patients however will be better helped by non surgical options which are scarless and without any downtime.

To get a facial analysis done and selecting which procedure suits you best contact your Plastic surgeon here. Best brow lift surgeons in Delhi NCR

What are the options of getting a Brow Lift done?

Brow lift was traditionally done with open surgery approach. However recent advances in minimally invasive procedures have made it possible to do browlift with small limited incisions and endoscopically .

The Availability of Botulinum toxin and Fillers have supplanted these procedures where effective forehead rejuvenation can also be achieved non surgically in early cases with excellent results.

We at Essence do a detailed facial analysis to see what procedure will suit you and make you look younger and youthful. We are equipped to perform both the endoscopic surgical procedures along with non surgical options.

To know if you are a candidate for surgical or non surgical brow lift consult your best Plastic surgeon. For appointments contact us.

Do I need a Brow Lift?

To know if your face can have a more vibrant appearance with forehead lift or other non surgical procedures and a full facial analysis click here for appointment.

Do I need some checkup?

Apart from general checkup for Anesthesia no special tests are needed. However a detailed examination by your plastic surgeon is warranted to address the issues in upper third of your face. 

Any side effects I should be aware of?

Though it’s a safe procedure certain complications can occur due to the procedure.

The major side effects that may occur with surgical brow lifts which you should be aware of are scar alopecia, hematomas, contour deformities, sensory disturbances and infections. All these complications are seen very less with endoscopic brow lift as compared to open procedures.

How much does a Surgical Brow Lift cost in Delhi-NCR?

The costs may vary according to the type of procedure and accommodation requested by the patient. For further details book your appointment here.

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