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What are hypertrophic scars and keloids?

Keloids are skin lesions. keloid is abnormal scar of skin. Whenever there is an injury on the skin , (trauma/ burns/ surgery),healing process starts. In some cases this process leads to deposition of excessive collagen over the scar. Making it look raised , hyperpigmented or dark, itchy. Hypertrohic scar is limited to scar. Keloids extend beyond scars. Plastic surgeons excel in treatment of keloids. At Essence we give you Best Keloid Treatment.

Does everyone develop same kind of scarring?

No, the genetic tendency for developing hypertrophic scar is different, depending on race, and familial background. That is why we see some people with chest or ear keloids even after minor trauma. The hypertrophy also varies according to the type of injury, a burn scar may look worse than a traumatic scar. In India we see a lot of keloids in ear piercings and chest keloids after open heart surgery

How to minimise the scar?

Best way is to avoid all kind of trauma/injury , unfortunately that’s not practically feasible. The best way is to do diligent care post injury. Post burn or trauma good massage therapy, pressure garments ,silicon sheets minimize the risk of developing an ugly scar. We use surgical taping and other methods to reduce scars.

Non surgical methods provide better treatments to keloids than surgical methods. Silicone treatments are quite popular.

Book appointment with best plastic surgeon to know whether your scar has a tendency to hypertrophy.

I already have a hypertrophic scar/ keloid,what to do?

Depending on the stage you scar is in ,various modalities are available. An immature scar that is red, blanching pliable can be moulded by use of pressure garments, local ointments.

An old and mature scare would require specific treatment such as intralesional triamcinolone injection, LASER therapy, cryotherapy. A very bothering ear keloid can even be surgically removed and then followed up to prevent recurrence. The treatment may require multiple sittings but it will flatten your scar and reduce the itching. At Essence our plastic surgeons understand the intricacies of hypertrophic scars and keloids to give you best keloid treatment.

Consult your plastic surgeon to find out what is the best treatment for you.

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