This is Zits! A simple guide to Pimple Treatment

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Since teenage years acne is a part of growing up in almost everyone’s life. Given the poor surrounding conditions, the pollution, the dust, humidity, and the unbearable heat of our country it is difficult to maintain pimple free skin. Here we present a simple guide to pimple treatment for you.

Types of acne on the skin or pimples illustration (Designed by brgfx / Freepik)

Pimples occur due to 4 main reasons:

  • Increased skin turnover.
  • Increased Oil production.
  • Infection.
  • Inflammation.

Here are some basic tips to prevent and treat acne.

1. Cleansing: Pimples are a result of excess sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance produced by some glands present in the skin. Washing away sebum with a mild cleanser 2-3 times a day will help prevent acne and control present condition. Do not use tough soaps, these may damage the protective barrier and cause more harm than good. Salicylic acid containing cleansers work very well against acne.

2. Keep your hands away: Not touching your face not only reduces your risk of deadly corona virus, it also helps prevent acne. Surprized!!!! Our hands carry dust and germs which accidentally gets deposited on our face in the pores. This increases the chances of inflammation resulting in pimples.

3. Choose your cosmetics wisely: Select your makeup according to your skin type and surroundings you stay in all day. Do not buy on celebrity advertisements only. Take professional help if you have trouble finding the right products.

4. Basic self-treatment: Mild acne usually settles with a good salicylic acid / benzoyl peroxide face wash. Local clindamycin application also lessens pimples. However, do not make a habit of popping pimples it may increase the inflammation and make the condition worse leaving scars.

5. When to see the doctor: Frequent multiple episodes of acne needs specialized treatment. You may need to be assessed for certain other hormonal conditions such as PCOS, hyperandrogenism etc. In case these conditions are present they need to be treated along with acne.

Colored skin acne anatomy composition with types of acne pimples before and after vector illustration (Designed by brgfx / Freepik)

A word of Advise

A word on acne marks…. Pimples seem to pose a problem even after they have gone. Acne marks ruin the most beautiful of faces. Fortunately, now we have state of the art LASER therapies and top-notch skin treatments to say goodbye to them.

It is best not to indulge in certain local ointments such as those containing retinoids, and over the counter antibiotics, without the guidance of a specialist. We believe these simple steps can guide pimple prevention and treatment at home in most cases.

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Stay safe, stay healthy, stay beautiful!

Girl before and after having pimple on her face illustration(Designed by brgfx / Freepik)

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5 simple DIY tricks for great hair

5 DIY tricks for healthy hair
  • Great Hair

let’s start

We bring to you the second edition of hair care from our team. This is continuation of our earlier article “ Hair Loss treatment: A Start up guide”. In this edition we bring to you 5 Simple DIY tricks for great hair.

Everyone loves to have nice looking, thick and shiny hair. Having great hair is a very simple and known secret. Ample amount of information can be found on the internet and articles. I will tell you 5 simple ways which I feel are best and you can do at home yourself for hair care. I tell these to all my patients in OPD during Hair Transplant consultations.

The trick is to have regularity and dedication towards hair care. Hair care is an art. Hair like other body parts need constant care. Here are my 5 Best ways for hair care.

Eat healthy

This may seem very ordinary at first but nutrition has major bearings on your hair health. Hair needs nutrition like any other body organ. A good diet will ensure good, lustre and strong hair. Dry, lustreless and easily breakable hair generally indicate poor nutrition.

Hair needs a balanced mix of proteins (amino acids), Vitamins (A,D,C, E and B complex) and Minerals (Iron, Folic Acid, selenium, manganese and many more). You can easily get it from vegetables, fruits, dairy products and meat.

In Case your diet is not able to supplement these raw materials you can get them from commonly available OTC vitamin and mineral supplements.

Sleep Better

Another important step for good hair care is adequate sleep. Your body works according to a highly specialized biological clock. This clock is also called circadian rhythm. We are supposed to sleep 6-8 hours continuously every 24 hours. Timing of sleep is as important as the duration. Deep sleep from 2 Am to 4 Am resets our clock. This key step makes sure we are fresh when we wake up in the morning.

One may ask what this biological clock has to do with our hair??? 

Irregular sleep patterns lead to hormonal imbalances in the body. Ultimately steroid levels are increased leading to increased DHT levels in the blood. DHT levels are related to male pattern baldness in men. Irregular sleep fast forwards the male pattern baldness in men.

Sleep resets your day
Step 2: Sleep 6-8 hours uninterrupted

Stress Reduction

It is a well known fact that stress leads to hair loss. We all know this for a fact. But how does stress cause hair loss??

There are two ways stress leads to poor hair. One is short term and reversible in cases of major stress events like accidents and diseases. This pathway leads to good hair roots becoming dormant or inactive leading to less number of hair which are dry and break easily. As soon as stress events go away hair regrows.

Second pathway is related to regular stress events in day to day life leading to repeated adrenaline surges throughout the body. These changes lead to abnormal hormonal state leading to increased DHT levels in our  body leading to male pattern baldness. This hair loss is more profound and difficult to treat by medicines alone.

In short we need to reduce constant stress events in our lives to have nice hair.

Soft water for hair wash

Fourth in our list is to use soft water for hair wash. Hard Water leads to hair which is dry, lack lustre and damaged. Hard water tends to damage the scalp and hair roots leading to poor hair quality. Thickness of hair goes down along with its strength.

Therefore it is important that we use soft water for hair wash if possible. This is a simple and easily doable trick at home. This can improve your hair quality in a big way.

Step 4: Soft water for hair wash

Consistency with hair products

Markets are filled with hair care products and we tend to try a lot of them in a very short span of time. It is imperative that we choose good quality hair products ( Shampoos, Gels, Creams etc) and use them consistently. Frequent change of hair products can lead to poor quality of hair. 

Good quality hair products maintain your hair health, keep them shiny and thick. It is important that you choose the best and continue products if they suit you well.

Changing things frequently like coloring, straightening and heat based treatments from average salons can lead to poor hair quality. Always get your hair and keratin treatments done from good salons.

That completes our list of 5 simple DIY tricks for great hair care. If you follow these regularly you can have good shining hair with minimal costs. Though these methods will show effects in a couple of weeks you can save plenty of money which you can use elsewhere. We will bring you our next edition of hair loss treatments soon.

Dr Deepak Rathore (MBBS, MS, Mch plastic surgery)

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Skin care Overview: A simple guide to gorgeous face

Face Skin care : the elusive “perfect skin”

Beautiful Skin Needs regular care

I am a Plastic surgeon practicing in Delhi NCR. Often in my Opd, as I begin to wrap up at day’s end young staff girls at the hospital come for quick face skin care queries. They are no different from the patients I have just finished seeing. Women and men alike today are misled by bombardment of advertisements on Television and internet.

Yet after spending so much money on small bottles with big brands , the fair and lovely look of face is still trapped inside the television. To add to it the lucky few who are blessed with good skin have also joined the acne prone or cracked skin group because of hours in the sun, traveling in dust and harsh climate in Delhi NCR, and living on diet sodas.

The skin specially your face skin is an essential part of one’s personality, it’s how the world knows you and relates to you.

Healthy glowing skin adds to your charisma ,improves your confidence , it’s not something limited to the starlit world, it’s the right and need of every human being.

So , what can one do to get it right.

Plastic surgeons or Skin care doctors like me in Delhi NCR will tell you that the correct choice of products depends wholly and solely on your skin type of face.Whether it’s oily, dry , mixed, acne prone, dandruff prone , scaly , itchy, sensitive.

If there are episodes of rashes and allergy after using common products, do not indulge in over the counter creams, get a proper consultation and use specific products only.

It surprised me to see people using steroid based creams for months,just because it’s easily available over the counter and claims are sky high.

Steroids results in thinning and worsening of skin,often observed a little too late by the user. DO NOT USE STEROID CREAMS BLINDLY. Refrain from such lucrative but harmful ideas.


Sunscreen protects your Skin

The use of sunscreen in this country cannot be overemphasised , SPF 30 is what you should be looking for on the label. Sunscreens are available depending on skin type.

Spf 50 suits Indian climate

In Case you are unable to use screen cause it looks like you are melting , it’s time to change not stop the sunscreen.

Diet and creams among other things

A good Face care regimen that the skin care doctors especially in Delhi NCR will prescribe you involves taking care of yourself throughout the day. Skin Care is not just in terms of putting stuff on your face but also your diet, your stress levels, your hormonal profile .

Staying hydrated, and consuming fruits and natural vegetables will keep the skin healthy. Often people are unable to chalk out a proper diet.

Taking expert help will go a long way and is an easier way rather than struggling with Calorie and protein contents.

We now have products available like never before, they give appreciable results. We have UV cameras that can detect skin damage at an early stage.

Creams like Retinoids in acne, Hydroxy acids and Vitamin C in skin whitening and anti-ageing are available. When used in right manner skin lightening agents can do wonders.

Vitamin C does wonders for your Skin

When to use , how to use and when to stop are the questions whose answers are different for every individual.

The point to understand is that Your face is not an experimental playground. Choosing the right products and following in a proper manner will give you much better cost effective results. It’s time to get that image out of the TV set into real life!

Dr Vaishali Srivastava (MBBS, MS, Mch plastic surgery)

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Breast Reduction: A great guide to do I Need one?

Breast Lift
Breast Lift in Delhi NCR


In our part of the world, women of Asian ethnicity are often burdened with heavy breasts. Bearing not only embarrassment but also clinical problems such as back pain, cervical pain. Even the best breast surgeons in Delhi/NCR will agree that sometimes women don’t know heavy breasts can cause pain. Psychological complaints also occasionally expressed. Women often feel uncomfortable when a man is too often focused with attention on the outlook of their chest. Also it is difficult to find a large bra size sometimes.

As the taboo surrounding breast and aesthetic surgeries slowly lifts, unveiled is the new Indian woman who identifies with her own body. She is free to look and be the lady she wants to be.

Quick facts

Breast reduction is now a safe surgical procedure, that decreases the breast volume. It also lifts the drooping nipple up (with the simultaneous mastopexy). Extreme weight loss may cause reduction in breast size due to loss of fat, but it leads to sagging of breasts. Shortest way to breast reduction is surgery but it needs motivation and physical readiness.

As a female plastic surgeon , I found many women struggling to hide their problems and discomfort,only because they were too shy. Or were concerned that their families would not be supportive. After counselling and surgery ,when they experienced the results most of them wondered why didn’t they get it done earlie. Proud to be the best breast surgeons in Delhi Ncr we always tell our patients if you are content with yourself ,only then can u make others happy.

Few misconceptions also surround breast reduction such as risk of cancer following surgery or reduced sexual satisfaction, breast feeding issues. Breast reduction only removes the excess breast from the body. There is no increased risk of cancer developing in the remaining breast, it’s the same tissue that was there before.

Loss of nipple sensation is a temporary phenomenon and recovers soon after surgery. Patient can continue to enjoy personal life as before once the healing is complete.

In the present techniques most of the ducts supplying milk are preserved during surgery and some of them grow back too, enabling patients to breast feed. There is still a chance though that the milk secreted would be lesser in amount than a normal breast.

Current operative procedures in breast reduction offer keeping the breast in position and prevent drooping for years to come.There are two common techniques of breast reduction. The two techniques are Inverted T technique and Vertical reduction technique . Both techniques give good results when chosen correctly. Scars are barely visible and hidden in natural creases.

Does Exercise help?

Breast is like any other part in the body. If one reduces her weight she will definitely loose fat from breasts also. However, breasts droop with nipples facing down when one looses too much fat leading to distorted shape. If you are planning breast reduction with exercise do it slowly so that skin re-drapes well.

Oils or Creams???

Oils and creams are not proven to help with enlarged breasts. There is no proven benefit of Oils or creams. Be careful with these agents. You may find lot of companies claiming good results. Be wary of such claims.

Feel free to ask us…

The internet provides a myriad of information, scattered and unsorted , aesthetic surgeries are individual based . A proper clinical consultation can guard from misbeliefs and irrelevant information. Your body is your top priority..choose wisely!

We are Team Essence (Best breast surgeons in Delhi Ncr)

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FAQ on Breast Reduction

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